2019 NE Canyon Season Report

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2019 NE Canyon Season Report

The 2019 Northeast Canyon fishing season was one for the books.

The Jakamo Sportfishing Crew began the season landing both Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna, along with some Mahi Mahi on their first trip the the edge on June first. 

However, the most notable fishing began early July with a successful day trip to Hydrographer canyon. On this trip the crew of the Jakamo went 6/9 on bigeye tuna and a bag full of yellowfin, topped off by two white marlin. This trip, the golden ticket seemed to be the red/white 18" spreader bar, accounting for 4 of our 6 bigeyes. 

As July proceeded, bigeye fishing slowed as yellowfin fishing ramped up. On two different trips the Jakamo was able to land 20+ yellowfin all on spinning rods. The fish were keyed in on file fish and feeding hard on the surface, giving us some great opportunities to cast to them. 

By the end of July and into August, the yellowfin fishing continued to amaze us. With fish up to 59" and weighing in around 130lbs, the fishing was on fire. These huge yellowfin were not picky and were all over both rigged ballyhoo and spreader bars.  

With spotty weather windows in late August into September, canyon trips were far and few between. However, when we were able to make it out the fishing was still going strong. The yellowfin fishing slowed just slightly as the sword fishing heated up. While we were only able to make a few trips, we encountered swords each night. One night going two for three on fish up to 120lbs.  

Overall, this was one of the most well rounded canyon seasons from start to finish. The crew of Jakamo can credit the majority of their success to the tackle provided by JC's Offshore tackle, especially the collapsible tournament series dredge and the 18" spreader bars which seemed to be the most productive.