JC's Tournament Series Dredge (12" Machines)

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 This dredge consists of 18 moldcraft style squid surrounded by 21 12" custom JC's machine lures. All droppers are rigged with snapswivels for easy removal and replacement. These droppers are connected to a 36" Strike Point dredge frame to ensure the dredge's integrity throughout a long day of dredge fishing. All Dredges come with their own JC's bag for easy storage. 

These dredges are meant to add a subsurface bait ball profile to your trolling spread. This illusion of a real bait ball will attract marlin and tuna into your spread more efficiently. The addition of a dredge in your spread will show its worth very quickly, not only attracting fish, but also helping trigger more bites. 

 These dredges can be rigged on Offshore Innovations collapsible dredge frames upon request.